Hi there!

I feel kind of anxious about posting my entire journey here , but I think it is the easiest and best form to show other people  natural breast enhancement method works as long as you are consistent and you take care of yourself, of course!

Let me introduce myself. I am 23 years old female, with no children, who lost lots of kilos  a year and a half ago . Before loosing weight I was very happy with my body, I did not have any kind of “negative thought” about the shape of my body, and more specifically, my breasts. I was a 32C and suddenly I realised my bras were lot bigger than it used to , I was 32A/32AA . That was the latest thing I couldn’t handle anymore due to my stress and emotional problems . 2015 was one of the worst years of my life, but I must say I have learnt lots of things from struggle. So, when 2016 arrived I decided to make up my New Years’ Resolutions (like I always do) and one of them was getting back in shape, get healthy and of course have my boobies back , I had a “commitment” with myself.

A year and a half later, I gained weight in a year , I try to stay healthy as much as I can , and of course, I have my boobs back. It has not been the easiest path for me , again, but everything is possible if you are very tenacious and no doubt, if you believe in yourself.

On this blog I will post about my NBE journey but also I will do beauty products review, I will talk about food, I will  make posts about progress and results and why not , maybe I will write about passionate things 😉

Welcome and let’s the new era begin!


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