Simplify : a way to get through noogleberry

Hello everyone! It’s crazy to think today is 22nd April wow, summer is here in 8 weeks !

I thought it would be good to talk about NBE on my first post . I have been doing this for a year and one month and I have gotten great results – 4,5cm/17 inch more!- without doing crazy things but just “smart moves”. Let me explain to you what I mean by “smart moves” : basically, during all this year I have read lots of gals doing lots of hours and not realising life is not about noogling, noogling lots of hours everyday may help you to get faster results but ,come on, if we are realistic we always set long-term goals. For instance, last year I thought I would be happy if I was 32C again (I started 32A, B thanks to the swelling ) but then I wanted more, so I decided my goal will be 34D. That means I need to be 93-94cm and I am 89cm yet. So, first I need to reach 34C this year in order to buy 34D bras . And we need to be conscious about how noogleberry works and what to expect from noogleberry. 

Yes, noogling 3-4-5 hours everyday will improve your boobs shape and they will grow earlier , but let’s be honest…. How on earth are you going to noogle that much? If you do 3-4 hours everyday that means you are giving up on other activities , works, relaxing moments, fun moments, etc. Are you going to give up on those joyful things just for getting your results faster? and “by faster” I mean in three months , don’t even think you will achieve your goals just in a month. This method takes time , patience and discipline. That’s why I think it is important to have a life after all this crazy method , because if you don’t do, you will struggle a lot with the journey and probably you will give up on this in less than 16 weeks. And of course, this breast enlargement method takes more than 16 weeks.  I would say depending on your goals this takes 18-24 months. And this is WHY :

1. Your age is important. Indeed, I have been reading other testimonies and articles about vacuum therapy . I also contacted a friend who works with vacuum therapy (healing wounds) and agreed in this detail.

2.Everybody is different. This is a good statement cause though we are the same age maybe your body reacts faster than mine or maybe the first weeks I get better results than you but then I can be stuck on a ‘plateau’.

3. Your natural breast size. I was 32A/b and it took me 4 months to be 32B, 6 months 32C . I am pretty sure if I was 32C I would have noticed the results before than I did.

4. Your weight. Take into account as human beings we are different in weight and shape. But if you are underweight you may need to considerate gaining weight in order to get faster results

5. Massage . Oh yes, you need to be an expert massager cause before and during noogling you will need to do it. On the other hand the days you won’t pump you will need to massage as well.

6. Breaks. Essential for reaching our goals. Depending on your plan and your time you need to take breaks for breast growth.

7. Supplements. This issue may be explained next day but in two words, there are some things you need to keep in mind and one of them is taking some supplements such as protein.

8. Pump and release . This method will help you to make more time with your domes on, all you need to do is 10 minutes on , 4-5 minutes off, again 10 minutes on. You only massage your breasts in the first and third break.

9. 7:2 methodology . Like the other method but 7 minutes on , 2 minutes off , massaging your breast n every break. I will write a post about this soon as well.

10. Hydrate yourself. Drink water before noogling (two glasses of water rather if one is hot water , i.e a tea ) , during noogling between 50ml-300ml (depending if you do 30 minutes, 50 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hour…) and after noogling again two glasses of water. All we need to do is to get a good ‘water retention’

So, as you can see there are lots of topics and elements to take into account and depending on yourself pumping can be a full year of vacuum therapy or it can take more time.

However, as I said before it doesn’t mean it is not possible to achieve your goals but you need to be ‘smart’ and do this whole process the easiest thing for you. That’s why, in my opinion, we should be able to do other things apart of noogling in a day and be patient with the process but also with ourselves. I think the easiest move is to set a short term goal (i.e in 2017 I only expect to achieve 34C ) and after, a long term goal (in my case this is 34D) depending on our free time, breaks and our health conditions (for example I have anxiety disorder so if someday I can’t pump cause I feel horrible it doesn’t mean I am not being consistent , it just means sometimes I need to be flexible with my program too if I don’t want to end up mad).

So :

a) Short term goal

b) Long term goal

c) Health condition

d) Your free time

e) Flexibility

Well, that’s it for today! Next time I will talk about supplements and the relevance of changing the program .

Quote for the day ” You only fail when you stop trying”

Much love xx!


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