Whatch out for your skincare/make up products : animals in the cosmetic industry!

Hi everybody! How are you?  I am on a break from work until Tuesday and I am pretty exhausted though I didn’t even work on Friday , this crazy weather makes me feel crazy I swear! (this past week the weather was amazing in Spain but on Friday began snowing sooooo it’s so freaking weird).

Today we are not going to talk about NBE methodology . Noppe. Today I need to talk about the relevance of not using certain ingredients on your body , not just because they are harmful for ourselves but they contain animal elements or some animal have been used to create it. Even though I don’t work on this area of Law (well in Labels yeah but not in cosmetic area) I know lots of colleagues who do and sometimes it is frightening the things I have heard about cosmetic companies. No joke here, it is a serious issue. Thus, I thought it would be great to talk about the differences between certificates/labels and explain it to ‘lego’ people (lego in Law means non jurist people, yeah, like muggles in Harry Potter)

So, what do we need to know? There are , let’s say, three types of products. I will try to be simple and of course I won’t use any juridical term. Let’s see…

 ✖Non cruelty free products

Literally means the final product or the ingredients that may have the product , it have been tested on animal or have caused pain/harm to an animal. The list is HUGE, such as Maybelline, Neutrogena, Yves Rocher…

♡Vegan and cruelty free products♡

The product was not tested on animals and it does not contain any animal ingredients . Those are my favorite of course but I must say the list of companies that do this type of products are few. If you are interested to know which company let me know please!

✂ Vegan but not cruelty free products

Some products don’t contain any animal ingredients, making them friendly but anyway,  the ingredients have been tested on animals. Same sh*t as non cruelty free products in my opinion.

                                        ☓Cruelty free but not vegan  products : the product was not tested on animals but  it contains animal ingredients. It may be weird but there are lots of products when we see cruelty free we inmediatly think they are vegan but they are not. (i.e, L’oreal or O.P.I)

I know it can be confusing and somehow exasperating BUT cosmetic companies need to be reorganised . I’m not telling you “don’t buy this or don’t buy that” but keep in mind what are you buying. Sometimes we need to realise how much effort do companies on making a product and what kind of sacrifices do they tolerate or not. I don’t own any pet right now but I think respecting them is essential in order to take care of the environment.

We need to buy differently in order to change things, remember it.

Quote for the day ” We are our choices”

Much love xx!


4 thoughts on “Whatch out for your skincare/make up products : animals in the cosmetic industry!”

  1. Yeah they have physical stores , usually in Europe it’s very easy to find them!


  2. They have a store? The only one they had in my city was behind a terminal in a major airport, inaccessible to anyone without a boarding pass. I heard Sephora in J.C. Penney stopped carrying it. So, I had to order online.


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