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The no bra year

Hi beauties!

So today is gonna be a short post but I think I have to talk about this – not wearing a bra is more healthy and definitely the best option for NBE.  Therefor I give you my own reasons for not wearing bra everyday [cause okay I get it, sometimes we cannot go out without a bra on, right?] . Hope you like it!! =)


  1. It does NOTHING for our breasts : literally. Why? well, it seems our muscles around chest area must work in order to maintain de breasts ‘perky’ but if we wear a bra these muscles do not work properly or even more, year by year they start to be more weak and in the end , this is why people get saggy boobs when they are around their 40’s.
  2. It helps with circulation : seems logic, right?  no band around your breasts make it easier to blood flow.
  3. Breasts get perkier if you don’t use the bra: I swear this is true, the last 13 months I haven’t wore a bra daily and less for sleeping (not even a top) , and they are more up than never.
  4. It helps with self-exploring your breasts’ anatomy : since massage is a part of my routine from the beginning and now not wearing bras everyday I feel like I know how they look everytime, so in case I find something weird I know it’s not good.
  5. Not wearing a bra during nightime helps to eliminate toxins through the lymphatic system : so what does it mean? basically not wearing it during sleep time helps with your general health! Isn’t it amazing?
  6. You can work out a bit your chest-muscles in order to strengthen them, so basically you get perkier boobs in a short period of time & in longer terms they get ‘bigger’ (upper side at least!)
  7. No more marks on your skin! : and this is a very top thing! I did not like having marks around my chest nay nay nay
  8. Bye bye patriarchy : especially since the XX’s , the system has told us how we should look every single day of our lives. It’s time to shut ’em down!
  9. You can wear all kind of clothes you want! I haven’t wore any kind of dress if I could not use a bra but this summer has been different and you know what? =) It’s been great!
  10. Last but not least, you save up money! : I used to have TONS of bra’s from Victoria’s Secret , Tezenis, Hunkemoller, Ann summers… at least 30! but nowadays I only have 5 and these five are just for special occasions 🙂













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❁ The parabens’ chaos

Happy Wednesday to you all! I hope the week is going well and you are being productive♡

Today I decided to talk about another beauty-industry /cosmetic/skincare issue. Parabens.

I think we all can have an idea about Parabens but in case you missed the definition, they are preservatives used in the cosmetic world basically. Through the last decade, its use and real effects have been doubt having the next consequence of not being sure if it is safe or not using beauty products that contains them .

Okay. I am not a scientific person but fortunately (or unfortunately) most of my family members are working in this field in real life and this is why I know everything about Parabens.

First I think it is necessary to talk about why and when became unpopular this ingredient when it is been used for long time not just in the beauty industry. Well, in 2004 there was a document which caused a huge effect in the media, claiming it was risky to use this kind of ingredient in skincare and beauty products because it can cause cancer, most usually breast-cancer. Yep.  So all the world went crazy and started looking at their usual products if they contained types of Parabens (i.e, Methylparaben, Propylparaben,Benzylparaben, Isobutylparaben, etc) and this whole craziness opened a new era in the cosmetic area (what I have understood these last ten years is there is a new politics rules according to some people I know who worked for almost 30 years in beauty industry).

Okay,  getting back to the scientific discovery what they found is Parabens do imitate the estrogen hormones so that causes an imbalance in our body that can end up provoking breast-cancer. However, the scientific statement was not enough to make sure it was related 100% to breast cancer boom the last years and during the decade of 2000’s different kind of synthetic preservatives have been tested and gone through a rough testing-procedure. This is why I said it opened a new era in the beauty area, cause they were not 100% sure if it is harmful and they still don’t know if it has a big base defending it is absolutely harmful for health .

Moreover, I remember some time ago I was talking to someone who works in a laboratory owned by a big french cosmetic brand and he confessed me they think they are safe enough to use in normal doses and these last six years there has been a revolution using the synthetic ingredients. I asked him if those products who claim to be free of parabens are safe and what they contain cause honestly I didn’t know what they have instead of these kind of synthetic preservatives so what he answered me was ” the truth is the brands that do not use parabens use other kind of synthetic ingredients which are not controlled as often as parabens and do not have a rigurous procedure to pass with flying colors”. 

He also has send me some articles and some stats for making up this brief explanation about parabens.  Guess what?  Last year, in 2016, parabens were only used in 14% , the rest of the percentage reveals other kind of synthetic ingredients that are unknown for most of the cosmetic industry.

Yep. Kind of crazy to think we get paranoid about getting parabens free products, get these kind of products but ignore what they have inside of it. But this is how it works and unfortunately at least most of the countries think they are safe to use topically. We are not talking just about your moisturiser , it is your serum, your make-up, your eye shadows, your shampoos, your conditioners, your dye-hair… lots of things contain things that are unknown for us and claim to be safe for our general health. But who knows what they are and if they are okay to use in our daily lives.

Personally I do not use parabens’ products and I try to buy everything organic and local, if it is possible. However , I know it is impossible to be sure about every single ingredient our cosmetic products have even though they are in 80% natural. But at least I try to combine different kind of brands , synthetic and natural ones for not collapsing my body and keeping a good balance of my hormones, which I think in women is more important than in men (detox-days are good for this, for example).

Last but not least, I think it is a good idea to give you some paraben free brands names and paraben brands names as well that are pretty common and very famous around the world :


. Burt’s bees

.Derma E natural bodycare


.Santé Kosmetics

. Terra firma cosmetics


. Butter London

.OCC makeup

. Nature’s Gate

. MuLondon Organic


. Earth Mamma Angel Baby


. Skyn Iceland


Any products that contains the next ingredients have parabens

*Aseptoform E, Bonomold OE, Easeptol, Ethyl 4-Hydroxybenzoate, ethyl parasept, Tegosept E, Benzoic acid, 4-hydroxy-, ethyl ester

*Butylated hydroxyanisole, BHA, (1,1-dimethylethyl)-4-methoxy phenol

*Methanone, (2-hydroxy-4-methoxyphenyl)phenyl-, (2-Hydroxy-4-methoxyphenyl)phenylmethanone, 2-Hydroxy-4-methoxybenzophenone, Benzophenone-3, Cyasorb UV 9 Light Absorber, Methanone, (2-hydroxy-4-methoxyphenyl)phenyl-, MOB, Oxybenzone, Spectra-sorb UV 9 



*Isobutane, 1,1-Dimethylethane, 2-Methylpropane, Isobutane, 2-methyl propane, R 600a, Trimethylmethane

(….) And so on the list is enormous but you can look it for all the list online in lots of official websites.

Also, here I give you a link about Parabens according to the European Commission (sorry I’m a jurist and this is what I do in my free time ☺)

Have a good day and stay safe!


Quote for the day “Effort is attractive


Taking care of hair ♡

Hi everyone! How are you?

I have been very busy this week and I guess the next weeks I will be busy too, so I will try to keep posting once or twice a day , I promise !

This time I thought it would be great to talk about haircare. Let’s be honest, we all love to hair healthy and shiny hair, not matter what. But sometimes you hair suffers certain conditions not just your personal conditions, also environmental ones. So, I think it is a good idea to share what has worked for me these last years . Since 2014 my hair has gotten so long (my mom calls me Pocahontas lol)  and it’s not been easy I must say but totally worth it. Not just cause everybody likes it, I can do lots of hairstyles with it!

First I will write about “My 10 rules” for a healthy hair and finally I will talk about my must-haves as well. Let’s go!


  1. Eat healthily : veggies, veggies, veggies and protein. You can’t skip these two macros for getting all your V’s and minerals.
  2. Drink water!! 2Litres at least everyday
  3. Do not wash it everyday : huge step here. I used to wash it everyday until my dermatitis began in 2014. Since I don’t do it, my endings are way healthier and on the other side ,well, you save up a lot of money lol. Try to re-learn about this, I mean, one day shampoo, one day not, next day shampoo and conditioner, one day not, and so on. You will notice the difference in a short time.
  4. Avoid heat : I live in Spain , but Spain is not sunny the whole year (wish it was lol) so I use hairdryer when I take a shower but always with low heat and from May to September (which are the months when the weather’s like is very hot) I do not use it, just a towel.
  5. Do not smoke : sorry girl, but if you want to have a healthy and shiny hair you better stop smoking or it will ruin your endings….
  6. Chop off your hair : at least twice every year you need to cut your hair, just a bit! about 2-3cm is great for your health-hair!
  7. Dye or not dye your hair? : well, you could dye your hair but 3 times a year maximum. And if so, look for a free chemicals and vegan formula (Listed below)
  8. Organic products : chemical free shampoos and conditioners will do best for your hair than normal ones (L’oreal, Kerastase, Redken…)
  9. Keratin treatment every six month will help you maintain the scalp
  10.  If you suffer from anaemia or any health condition, take a multivitamin every three months. You will see a huge difference.


Now, which are my favourite products ? This list contains the products I have used the last two years. Most of them are certified organic and in general vegan. I know some people do not care about these things but since I have dermatitis I must take into account I can’t use certain ingredients anymore. I am thinking in doing three differents reviews of each ones, one by one to give my honest opinion about each product.

❥ Shampoo’s

Desert Essence, Organics Shampoo, Italian Red Grape 

Desert Essence, Organics, Red Raspberry Shampoo

Avalon Organics, Thickening Shampoo, Biotin B-Complex Therapy

Acure Organics, Smooth + Manageable Shampoo, Brazilian Keratin Coconut Water + Marula Oil

Nature’s Baby Organics™ Shampoo and Body Wash Lavender Chamomile

OGX Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo

Renpure Originals 2000 Brazilian Keratin Straightening Shampo

❥ Conditioners

Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Conditioner

Renpure Originals Argan Oil Conditioner

OGX Healing + Vitamin E Conditioner

Argan + collagen rejuvenating conditioner

❥ Hair masks

InstaNatural, Argan Oil Hair Mask, Deep Conditioner

Alba Botanica, Hawaiian Deep Conditioning Minute Mask, Gardenia

Argan Oil Hair Mask from Majestic Pure

❥ Treatments

Giovanni, Vitapro Fusion, Protective Moisture, Leave-In Hair Treatment

Pura D’or, Hair Loss Prevention Therapy Energizing Scalp Serum

Moroccanoil Treatment

Jarrow Formulas, Organic, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Now Foods, Solutions, Avocado Oil

❥ Supplements

Nordic Naturals, Nordic Omega-3 Gummy Worms

Neocell, Biotin Bursts, Brazilian Acai Berry

Nature’s Way, Alive! Women’s Vitamins

Vida Glow Marine Collagen sachets

And well, this is all I hope it helps you to get a healthy and sexy hair! Oh by the way, if you want to buy on Iherb you can use my code(  LJH902 ) as well !




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BYE BYE ACNE : everything you need to know&do for a clear skin

Hi everybody!

I post this topic today cause I suffered from acne in my adult life for one year and a half and it took me three months to realise what was wrong with me and what I needed to do to fix it.

My background a year ago it was kind of difficult : I was diagnosed with depression, I started taking meds for it , I had a huge lack of sleep , I was crying almost everyday…. ew, yeah, I was the drama queen on live .

Due to my lack of sleep I started eating whenever I wanted whatever I wanted . In fact I was underweight so I thought it would be good to eat when I was hungry and not hungry. But I made a mistake. Apart of not eating 5 times a day (I DID 8!!) I used to eat unhealthy things : basically my diet was pizza-pizza-pizza-pizza – some veggies – pasta- candy&sweets.

Yep. That was my diet normally, pretty sad to think about that but it is true. That was literally me, eating pizza 3-4 times a day and drinking soda 24/7.

In two months my skin became worse, I did not have spots or pimples but it was not glowin’ and it had a dull color. Three months later eating pizza I started noticing I had pimples INSIDE my skin, like without the top of a pimple, you know? Five months later I had pimples everywhere, and not just that my dermatitis came back. 

Oh dear. I didn’t know what was wrong with me, I was not having a good time indeed but I did not have acne problems when I was a teen so what the hell was that ? I did my own research and I found out lots of things and the most important was the food we eat.

In order to clear up your skin you need to eat healthily , clean food and the first thing you need to do is to alkalize your body.

How? it’s easy, you just need to take into account these 7 steps!

  1. DRINK WATER, just water.

2L-3L everyday and especially during meals


No pizza

No ice-cream

No chocolate

No preservatives

No dairy things (or limit it to once a day)


Preferably 3 times a day , breakfast, lunch and dinner for four months. After 4th month you can eat it twice a day. Raw or cooked, both are great !


You need to drink a smoothie once a day the first four months .

Choose a fruit and 2 vegetables for making smoothies , plus add a cup of water ! Try to make different ones everyday . Remember, no dairy things so instead try with almond,coconut or hazenult in case you want to make it as an snack or so, but preferably do it with water.


Lemon and Lime are going to be your best friends if you want to clear up your skin.

The first two weeks you will need to drink water with slices of lemon and lime every single morning before your breakfast.

By the third week just do it 2-3 every week until you reach the 4th month.

(I think I will make up a video and post it on here though)


Yes, what you read. Sugar is insane for our bodies and we need to cut it down as much as possible. Instead of processed sugar(white sugar) you can give a try to coconut sugar, it is yummy yummy too!

7- WASH your face 

You need to wash your face, religiously. Morning and night, make up this routine because this is essential. Never skip this process even though you don’t wear make up or you stay at home for the weekend. W-A-S-H your face.

My favorite cleansers are Cetaphil’s gel and Alba Botanicals’ gel as well.

If you follow these steps in 5 months your skin will be healthy and super glowing, I promise. It just takes patience and making up a routine (but if you think, making up a routine just takes 21 days!)

Quote for the day “One day or Day one. You decide”


Much love xx!


Whatch out for your skincare/make up products : animals in the cosmetic industry!

Hi everybody! How are you?  I am on a break from work until Tuesday and I am pretty exhausted though I didn’t even work on Friday , this crazy weather makes me feel crazy I swear! (this past week the weather was amazing in Spain but on Friday began snowing sooooo it’s so freaking weird).

Today we are not going to talk about NBE methodology . Noppe. Today I need to talk about the relevance of not using certain ingredients on your body , not just because they are harmful for ourselves but they contain animal elements or some animal have been used to create it. Even though I don’t work on this area of Law (well in Labels yeah but not in cosmetic area) I know lots of colleagues who do and sometimes it is frightening the things I have heard about cosmetic companies. No joke here, it is a serious issue. Thus, I thought it would be great to talk about the differences between certificates/labels and explain it to ‘lego’ people (lego in Law means non jurist people, yeah, like muggles in Harry Potter)

So, what do we need to know? There are , let’s say, three types of products. I will try to be simple and of course I won’t use any juridical term. Let’s see…

 ✖Non cruelty free products

Literally means the final product or the ingredients that may have the product , it have been tested on animal or have caused pain/harm to an animal. The list is HUGE, such as Maybelline, Neutrogena, Yves Rocher…

♡Vegan and cruelty free products♡

The product was not tested on animals and it does not contain any animal ingredients . Those are my favorite of course but I must say the list of companies that do this type of products are few. If you are interested to know which company let me know please!

✂ Vegan but not cruelty free products

Some products don’t contain any animal ingredients, making them friendly but anyway,  the ingredients have been tested on animals. Same sh*t as non cruelty free products in my opinion.

                                        ☓Cruelty free but not vegan  products : the product was not tested on animals but  it contains animal ingredients. It may be weird but there are lots of products when we see cruelty free we inmediatly think they are vegan but they are not. (i.e, L’oreal or O.P.I)

I know it can be confusing and somehow exasperating BUT cosmetic companies need to be reorganised . I’m not telling you “don’t buy this or don’t buy that” but keep in mind what are you buying. Sometimes we need to realise how much effort do companies on making a product and what kind of sacrifices do they tolerate or not. I don’t own any pet right now but I think respecting them is essential in order to take care of the environment.

We need to buy differently in order to change things, remember it.

Quote for the day ” We are our choices”

Much love xx!