♧ Easy steps to start eating clean!

Hello dear ! How are you doing?

May is almost gone, so I think what I am going to talk about today is a great information for the summer!

As for NBE or for getting rid of acne , I talked about how important is to eat healthily. However this sometimes it’s difficult to make it alone , so I guess giving you a few tips may help you achieving a good eat habits!

  1. DON’T BUY FAST FOOD : sorry but if you don’t buy it, you won’t miss it, so therefor you don’t have to eat it.
  2. Bye bye, soda, sweet things and ice-creams : pick one of them (sodas, candy or ice-creams) and allow yourself once a week to eat it.
  3. Hello Olive oil and Coconut oil : both are great for cooking. In my culture, obviously we use more olive oil than the coconut oil but it’s up to you! Ah, remember! 1-2teaspoons a day it’s the best
  4. Ginger tea, dandelion tea, turmeric tea, pineapple tea : you may need to detox for some days so these are great for it
  5. 3-4 fruits, 3-4 veggies everyday : it’s best if you combine both everyday , and try to mix different colors
  6. 3 important meals, 2 snacks : breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. This is how we do in Spain, we eat every two-three hours and this way we are not hungry never. This is important if you are trying to loose weight or gaining weight as well, you insulin levels need to be balanced during the day
  7. First meal between 6-9 Am, last meal 7-9 pm :This is the holy rule for a good digestion and not messing up your body.
  8. Track your macros:  You need to know % of fat, % of protein, % of carbs the first few weeks. Remember, making an habit takes 21 days.
  9. Portions: medium plate for breakfast, medium plate for morning snack, medium plate for lunch; small plate for afternoon snack, small plate for dinner.
  10. Allow yourself a day off : this will help you with motivation but it also boosts metabolism
  11. Sit down, chew correctly, don’t rush : you are eating, not working out. You need to chew all the food in the mouth in order to have a good digestion . Try to eat with someone at least when you are eating a big meal, and avoid television.
  12. Don’t workout  after big meals : I mean if you like to work out in the morning of after lunch, wait 1h in the morning and 2h after lunch.
  13. Drink water, 2L-3L according to your height and weight : This is essential.
  14. Get enough sleep : yeah we all love going out and partying, but don’t make it as a rule and try to do different things during the weekends. Not having a relaxing and a good sleep time stress out your body and makes you eat things you don’t have to.
  15. Try to eat 85% clean : by clean I mean natural, local and best, organic
  16. Cut down dairy products and meat : you don’t have to be vegetarian or vegan, actually I am not, but it your body’s pH gets acid you are opened to more illnesses and bad bugs!
  17. Alternate “sweet things” with yummy natural things : for instance, in summer I do like to eat ice-cream more than three times a week but it’s dairy and second it has lots of sugar, so instead of eating three days what I do is I allow myself to get one ice-cream a week and the rest I eat vegan-ice-creams . Therefor, you control sugar intake as well.
  18. Don’t compare yourself to others: you are yourself and you don’t need extra pressure for making it possible. Remember a new habit takes 21 days and a lifestyle is made in 90 days. Step by step, day by day, you will make it!
  19. Patience, consistency and again, patience
  20. Be proud of yourself  : if you get through this you will notice a big change in your digestion, life quality and emotional well-being!


Much love guys!

Quote for the day ” Start somewhere”


BYE BYE ACNE : everything you need to know&do for a clear skin

Hi everybody!

I post this topic today cause I suffered from acne in my adult life for one year and a half and it took me three months to realise what was wrong with me and what I needed to do to fix it.

My background a year ago it was kind of difficult : I was diagnosed with depression, I started taking meds for it , I had a huge lack of sleep , I was crying almost everyday…. ew, yeah, I was the drama queen on live .

Due to my lack of sleep I started eating whenever I wanted whatever I wanted . In fact I was underweight so I thought it would be good to eat when I was hungry and not hungry. But I made a mistake. Apart of not eating 5 times a day (I DID 8!!) I used to eat unhealthy things : basically my diet was pizza-pizza-pizza-pizza – some veggies – pasta- candy&sweets.

Yep. That was my diet normally, pretty sad to think about that but it is true. That was literally me, eating pizza 3-4 times a day and drinking soda 24/7.

In two months my skin became worse, I did not have spots or pimples but it was not glowin’ and it had a dull color. Three months later eating pizza I started noticing I had pimples INSIDE my skin, like without the top of a pimple, you know? Five months later I had pimples everywhere, and not just that my dermatitis came back. 

Oh dear. I didn’t know what was wrong with me, I was not having a good time indeed but I did not have acne problems when I was a teen so what the hell was that ? I did my own research and I found out lots of things and the most important was the food we eat.

In order to clear up your skin you need to eat healthily , clean food and the first thing you need to do is to alkalize your body.

How? it’s easy, you just need to take into account these 7 steps!

  1. DRINK WATER, just water.

2L-3L everyday and especially during meals


No pizza

No ice-cream

No chocolate

No preservatives

No dairy things (or limit it to once a day)


Preferably 3 times a day , breakfast, lunch and dinner for four months. After 4th month you can eat it twice a day. Raw or cooked, both are great !


You need to drink a smoothie once a day the first four months .

Choose a fruit and 2 vegetables for making smoothies , plus add a cup of water ! Try to make different ones everyday . Remember, no dairy things so instead try with almond,coconut or hazenult in case you want to make it as an snack or so, but preferably do it with water.


Lemon and Lime are going to be your best friends if you want to clear up your skin.

The first two weeks you will need to drink water with slices of lemon and lime every single morning before your breakfast.

By the third week just do it 2-3 every week until you reach the 4th month.

(I think I will make up a video and post it on here though)


Yes, what you read. Sugar is insane for our bodies and we need to cut it down as much as possible. Instead of processed sugar(white sugar) you can give a try to coconut sugar, it is yummy yummy too!

7- WASH your face 

You need to wash your face, religiously. Morning and night, make up this routine because this is essential. Never skip this process even though you don’t wear make up or you stay at home for the weekend. W-A-S-H your face.

My favorite cleansers are Cetaphil’s gel and Alba Botanicals’ gel as well.

If you follow these steps in 5 months your skin will be healthy and super glowing, I promise. It just takes patience and making up a routine (but if you think, making up a routine just takes 21 days!)

Quote for the day “One day or Day one. You decide”


Much love xx!